It’s Not a Tangent If There Was Never a Point

If I could make an app for a smart phone, I’d have it include a monkey. A monkey dressed in a leather jacket who can play a harmonica. And every time the phone user activated that app, the monkey will appear on screen, pull out the harmonica, and start singing, “Get a life! Get a life! Put down your phone and get a liiiiiiiife!”

On a more serious note, I’m hoping to get an iPhone in December, and I hope to God that I don’t turn into the type of person who has their noses buried in Words with Friends while they’re sitting right next to actual friends.

Speaking of friends, thanks to everyone who was praying for/being supportive of me when I took the GMAT earlier this week. You guys rock.

I took the GMAT on Monday and passed. I was surprised to learn that the amount of security a person must pass through to take that exam rivals the amount of security in place at some airports. I mean really, who ever had to get their palm scanned to get on a plane?

If you’re going to take the GMAT, stick with Kaplan’s test guide. I first tried to use the book that’s put out by the actual GMAT folks, but I found it incredibly unhelpful and the explanations confusing. Kaplan’s book was a much easier to read, and I’m certain that the only reason I passed on Monday is because I started using it. I believe I used the 2011-2012 Premiere Study book, but another edition has since been published.

Speaking of getting published, I’m hoping to finish the draft of the book this summer when the Girlfriend moves away for school. (Must … fight … tears … and keep … acting … manly …) It’s nice to see a light at the end of the writing tunnel, especially since I’ve been working on this for almost two years now. Much of the delay has been due to the fact that my thoughts on certain matters have changed, and I’d read my work and find myself disagreeing with the Justin of Last Year.

It’s amazing how much changes in a year. This time last year, I’d never been in love. This time last year, I hadn’t seriously considered going back to school. This time last year, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be pretty close to actually finishing the first draft of the book.

Back to writing books. If in casual conversation you mention that you’re going to write a book and have that “Oh, a book! I could write that!” attitude about it, I’ll politely shake my head, smile, and silently count the number of days that will pass before you decide to quit. It’s not that I think I’m better than most people, and I don’t doubt that if a particular person really wanted to write a book, they could do it. (A good number of average Joe’s could probably write better material than some of the junk that’s being published.) I think a bigger obstacle is the commitment to stick with that project when it gets frustrating, when you don’t come up with fresh ideas, etc.

On the subject of commitments, are any of my readers still sticking with their New Years’ Eve resolutions (assuming you made one)? If so, how’s that going for you?