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What it’s like, thinking about Congress these days:



Take Comfort! Your Vote Will Not Save or Destroy the Human Race

By the time this day is over, half the population is going to believe that America is headed toward an apocalypse by virtue of who won the election.

I want to join the chorus of voices today who insist that the presidential race will never solve our problems. No matter who wins tonight, their appointment will never be the thing that cures our race of the evil to which it is addicted.

Only Jesus Christ can do that.

It is not through legislating our agenda that we are going to really change things for the good. It is through making disciples, through teaching people how to follow Christ and letting Christ change them from the inside out, that this world will really change.

So no matter who wins tonight, take comfort in the fact that your vote was never going to decide the fate of the human race.

That’s not within your power.

But praise be to God! It is within Christ’s.

You’re Always Choosing the Lesser Evil

The most common Facebook status I’m seeing regarding this election is some variation of this: “Our choice is between the lesser of two evils!”

What these statements often overlook is the fact that we do this all the time.

No, Obama won’t be a perfect second-term president, just as he wasn’t a perfect first-term one. And Mitt Romney can claim no exception to that rule, despite his differences with Obama in terms of policies and style. For that matter, no president in history has ever been able to live up to the standards that we often expect of our commanders-in-chief.

No matter who it is, no matter what political party they belong to, they will let us down and betray us. We won’t necessarily call all of their disappointments “evil”, because “evil” is quite a strong word (and can easily be abused), but we do recognize that whoever our next president is, we’re going to be let down somehow.

So while we continue to go to the voting booth, we still complain that there aren’t any good options in this election–by which, we mean that there aren’t any perfect options. Let’s put aside the hypocrisy of expecting someone else to live up to a moral level that you yourself have never attained–and grow easily agitated when someone else points this out to you–and focus on this truth: we choose the lesser evils all the time, everyday.

There’s little use in talking about this election with exasperation because you can’t find the perfect candidate. You have yet to find the perfect friend. You don’t have perfect parents. You don’t have sinless co-workers. Your significant other or spouse, as you well know, will never have a perfect moral record.

You wouldn’t describe them as “evil”, but you can’t deny they’re not perfect. Like a presidential candidate, everyone you care about will eventually let you down and not live up to their word. And yet, you continue to let them in your life, and for good reason.

If you never chose what you perceive to be the “lesser evil”, then you’d never have any love at all.

All the people I mentioned are in your life, in part, because you at some point realized that living with their faults is a much better option than not having them in your life at all. You didn’t let their imperfections stand in the way of relationship because the “greater evil” in this case would have been going on with your life without them.

We can’t have real relationships if we don’t choose the lesser evil.

We can never experience intimacy with people if we aren’t willing to accept that they are, at some point, going to hurt us.

So while it may seem like there’s no point in voting because both candidates are miserable, just remember that we are in the habit of choosing evil people on a regular basis. We can’t love or be loved if we don’t do this.

And, by the way, it’s also worth pointing out that if people refused to choose the lesser evil, then they would never have decided to be with you.

God’s Name Should Be Removed from Every Party’s Platform

I’m not sure what started the ruckus at the DNC about taking God’s name out of the party platform–and putting it back in–but I wish both the Dems, the Repubs, and any other political party in this country would go ahead and remove His name from their agendas entirely.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed about Him. I try my best to love God and believe that He has been made known to us through Jesus Christ. But I hate seeing His name thrown around in politics not because the people using His name care about His will but because they think that invoking the Divine will get them more votes.

(Equally disgusting: religious people fall for this tactic in every single election.)

Since every party wants to use God’s name in this way, I’d rather remove references to Him altogether than to keep His name in their platforms as a cheap and easy way to score political points with their constituents.

My Default Reaction to Everything Political for the Next Two Months

Clarification: this refers to pretty much every headline political story, which history has taught us will always be based on something either (1.) said out of context, or (2.) utter stupidity.

(H/T Pleated Jeans)