Christmas is An Invitation

You could sum up Christmas in a lot of ways. I prefer this one: God is going to save the world, and He’s going to do it through Jesus.

That’s why the angel promised Joseph that Jesus would save people from his sins, why Gabriel told Mary that her baby boy would sit on a throne without end, why both Mary and Zachariah both saw this news as God making good on His vow to rescue Israel, exalt the lowly, and bring oppressors their just desserts.

God is saving the world, and He’s doing it through Jesus.

The question is, what will our role be?

Gabriel may have announced Mary’s pregnancy while she was a virgin, but it was still the teenage Galilean of little means who decided to embrace that fate. She was more than a host for Jesus–she was a willing participant in what God was doing to set things right.

We each have the same question before us, every single day. Do we believe that Jesus is God-made-known? When we pray the phrase, “… on earth as it is in heaven,” do we really believe this is something Jesus will accomplish, or are we too afraid to admit that we think it’s little more than a lovely thought?

Jesus is going to save the world, and you’re invited to be a part of that.

How that happens for each of us is going to be different. We all need saving ourselves, even if our vices aren’t always the same. And we each have different gifts, so how we join in God’s work is going to vary.

But it all starts when our answer is the same as Mary’s:

“I am the servant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to his word.”

Christmas is more than a story–it’s an invitation.

And it’s long past time for you to check your RSVP.


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