Rob Bell on Mankind and God’s Common Anger

Rob Bell took a lot of undeserved heat from evangelicals over his last book Love Wins. Bell was accused of being a universalist when, in fact, he did little more in his book than mimic what evangelical-hero C.S. Lewis wrote in The Great Divorce decades ago.

It’s a shame that so many people dismissed the book out of hand, because they would have found some great gems within its pages. Among its treasures is a particular passage in which Bell addresses those who couldn’t imagine that they could believe in an angry God.

Could they imagine such a deity?

Yes, they can.

Often, we think of little else.

Every oil spill,

every report of another woman sexually assaulted,

every news report that another political leader has silenced the opposition through torture, imprisonment, and execution, every time we see someone stepped on by an institution or corporation more interested in profit than people, every time we stumble upon one more instance of the human heart gone wrong, we shake our fist and cry out, “Will somebody please do something about this?”

I think part of the good news of Jesus is that God will do something about it.


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