The Latest Batch of Lies from the American Family Association

One of the greatest paradoxes in American Christianity is that evangelicals can wield a significant portion of political power and yet remain paranoid that everyone in government is out to get them.

So it’s not surprising that the American Family Association recently sent out an e-mail, describing what this country’s Christians will be facing in 2060. It’s the usual list of forthcoming horrors, and it’s pretty similar to that “letter from the future” that Focus on the Family published before the 2008 election.

There is one part that stands out to me:

We will have, or have had, a Muslim president.

Apparently, the AFA is concerned that a future Muslim president would treat American Christians as poorly as American Christians have treated Muslims.

I won’t delve much into the other points, but I will say that the AFA, like Focus and other fear-mongering groups, are nothing more than a bunch of false prophets who distort facts to build their influence among frightened sheep.

You’d be best to ignore them.

Actually, feel free to call them on their crap. Then you can ignore them.


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