Take Comfort! Your Vote Will Not Save or Destroy the Human Race

By the time this day is over, half the population is going to believe that America is headed toward an apocalypse by virtue of who won the election.

I want to join the chorus of voices today who insist that the presidential race will never solve our problems. No matter who wins tonight, their appointment will never be the thing that cures our race of the evil to which it is addicted.

Only Jesus Christ can do that.

It is not through legislating our agenda that we are going to really change things for the good. It is through making disciples, through teaching people how to follow Christ and letting Christ change them from the inside out, that this world will really change.

So no matter who wins tonight, take comfort in the fact that your vote was never going to decide the fate of the human race.

That’s not within your power.

But praise be to God! It is within Christ’s.


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