A Review Schedule for the Blog

If you’ve ever gone to bed at night and remained restless because you weren’t sure what I was going to be reviewing next, then worry no more, sleepless blog follower! Here’s a quick schedule of the super-cool items I’m going to be reviewing in the near future:


I’ve heard a lot about John Walton’s book, both through other bloggers as well as authors who cited his popular-level work on Genesis 1 in their own books. From what I understand, Walton believes that the Bible’s first chapter is about God forming creation into a cosmic temple for Himself. I’ll obviously have a better grasp on his argument when I, you know, read it.

After that comes what is bound to be a timely book:


Brian McLaren wrote about how Christians relate to people of other faiths. According to the Amazon synopsis, this work also tackles the question of whether we can affirm other faiths without watering down our own. The book will be released on September 11, 2012, and I predict that shortly thereafter, we’re going to get bombarded with conservative Christian books and blogs who have a love affair with John 14:6. Because, you know, McLaren obviously doesn’t read the Bible.

Speaking of accusing people of not reading the Bible, McLaren’s response from conservatives is going to pale in comparison to a book that’s going to be released in November …


Justin Lee runs the Gay Christian Network. He’s a gay Christian–and those four words are exactly why you can expect Lee’s book to generate some pushback. Get ready for the Christian blog-o-sphere to take sides, followed by the obligatory-yet-superficial coverage of it all on CNN.

That’s it for books (for the moment, anyway). Just this week, I was given the pleasure of reviewing the newest record of one of my favorite musicians:


Derek Webb’s newest album, Ctrl, officially releases on Sept. 4, but you can buy it now directly through his website. I haven’t heard any Christian studios or bookstores getting mad at him yet, so I’m just assuming that there’s nothing too controversial on this album. But hey, this is the Christian entertainment culture I’m talking about, and I’m sure someone will find something to be mad about at some point.


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