The Conversation that Keeps On Giving

Recently, I made plans to go to New Bern to meet Drew Brees (of the New Orleans Saints) and get some autographs. (What better gift to give to my parents for their anniversary than an autographed Happy Anniversary card from their favorite quarterback?)

I told the Girlfriend of my plans to get there a few hours early to make sure I got a good spot in line. If need be, I’d bring my Nook and MacBook to keep me occupied.

Girlfriend: “What if someone takes it from you?”

Me: “I’ll run after them.”

Girlfriend: “What if they’re faster than you?”

Me: “I’ll use a bike.”

Girlfriend: “Where will you get a bike?”

Me: “From a cop.”

Girlfriend: “What’s that going to do? You can’t chase someone if the cop’s arresting you.”

Me: “He won’t arrest me. I’d have to render him unconscious.”

Girlfriend: “BABY! No! I am not going to bail your a– out of jail. No! BAD!!!!!”


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