Did God Purposefully Make the Bible Confusing?

In his work On First Principles, Origen seems to argue exactly that.

“[The] divine wisdom has arranged for there to be certain stumbling blocks or interpretations of the narrative meaning, by inserting in its midst certain impossibilities and contradictions, so that the very interruption of the narrative might oppose the reader, as it were, with certain obstacles thrown in the way. By them wisdom denies a way and an access to the common understanding; and when we are shut out and hurled back, it calls us back to the beginning of another way, so that by gaining a higher and loftier road through entering a narrow footpath it may open for us the immense breadth of divine knowledge.”

I used to think that people didn’t understand the Bible–or, if I’m being honest, didn’t line up with my interpretation of it–because they weren’t listening to God’s voice. But I wonder if Origen is right in that God purposefully made the Scriptures hard to understand, not to put a stumbling block in our paths but to teach us how to walk.



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