Holding God to Account

Sometimes when you talk with someone about difficult doctrines, such as those of eternal punishment/hell, you might hear someone respond by saying this:

“You might think this is objectionable, but God’s standard of justice is higher than ours.”

In other words, it’s not our place to criticize God’s actions. He is just, and our disagreements with His behavior are rooted in our inability to see things as He does.

While this quote alone won’t settle debates like that, I do think what C.S. Lewis wrote in Christian Reflections has some merit:

“The point [of Job] is that the man who accepts our ordinary standard of good and by it hotly criticizes divine justice receives the divine approval: the orthodox, pious people who palter with that standard in the attempt to justify God are condemned. Apparently the way to advance from our imperfect apprehension of justice to the absolute justice is not to throw our imperfect apprehensions aside but boldly to go on applying them.”

If I may add a thought of my own: people who question divine justice may do so not because they’re cut off from God but because they understand Him so well that they couldn’t help but object to something that seems contradictory to His character.

Food for thought.


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