No, Wayne Grudem, Jesus Isn’t a Conservative

Wayne Grudem has compiled in which he describes Satan’s goals and his methods for accomplishing them. Fortunately for us, this chart is now online so we can give it the criticism it deserves.

I first saw this at Scot McKnight’s blog Jesus Creed, to which I’ve linked. You should read the full list for yourself, but I copied down a few items from it so I could explore some of them in more detail here.

  • Increasing homosexuality through same-sex marriage laws and hate-speech codes
  • Destroying the American system of government through, among other things, “activist” judges
  • Bankrupting America through an “entitlement mentality”
  • Making the U.S. military weaker through disarmament
  • The moral breakdown of society through–what else?–the teaching of evolution
  • Getting people afraid of depleting the earth’s resources (“radiculist environmentalist lawsuits and warnings”, is the phrase Grudem uses)
  • And here’s a goodie: revisionist histories of America so that Americans won’t be proud of their awesome nation

So Satan’s strategy is to fight the values of American conservatives. In other words, Grudem’s chart represents the same toxic mixing of Christianity with the state.

I think conservatives have good things to offer in our national dialogue; to some extent, I think people on both sides of the politlcal spectrum do. My point of contention is taking your political views and acting as if they’re God’s.

It’s not the job of the church to make sure Americans are feeling patriotic or to fight against any possible spending cuts to the defense budget. The church’s mission is to preach and live the Gospel, showing Jesus to the world through its love and good deeds. Holding pep rallies and acting as D.C. lobbyists for various government interests simply isn’t a part of that deal.

Other parts of the list just don’t make sense to me.

Passing same-sex marriage laws doesn’t mean people are going to jump at the chance to be homosexuals. No state legislature has that much power. Are we really to believe that somewhere in America, a man is sitting at home, thinking to himself, “I’m attracted to women. I have been for as long as I can remember ever being attracted to anyone. But boy oh boy! If gay marriage is approved in my state, then I can’t wait to give dudes a try!”

Then there’s the tired and flat-out incorrect line that moral disintegration is due to our teaching evolution in schools. Forget vices such as greed, lust, and resentment, which serve as the roots for so many crimes. Our main problem that is that teachers are teaching science in our classrooms.

Speaking of the evolution issue, #19 on the list is just plain wrong. You’re not an atheist for thinking that evolutionary theory has merit. It’s possible to believe that God created the universe and used evolution as a means to develop life on our planet. I join a large group of Christians who believe just that.

To be clear, I wouldn’t support a Democratic version of this list. I’d be just as opposed to someone saying that Satan’s goal is to increase the national deficit by persuading Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts.

My point, and it’s amazing and tragic that this still has to be said, is that Jesus Christ is not a conservative or a liberal.

He is concerned with something much bigger than that: saving the world and as many people in it as possible.

The cross was never decorated with Stars and Stripes. It held the body of a dying Man who claimed to be God and who, in His final moments, prayed for forgiveness for His murderers.

Jesus didn’t rise again because he was so eager to throw his support to Republicans or Democrats. He lives as the Savior and Lord of anyone who trusts him to respond to their many transgressions with mercy. Because He lives, we can live, too.

And He’s not coming back someday to finally give a certain political party the heave-ho. Our God cares desperately for His creation, and He’s promised to make justice and love the laws of the land, once and for all.

No, Jesus isn’t a conservative. Or a liberal.

Thankfully for us all, He’s much bigger and better than that.


2 thoughts on “No, Wayne Grudem, Jesus Isn’t a Conservative

  1. Lisa August 5, 2011 / 5:41 pm

    Great thoughts here… thanks for clearing this (unfortunately) common misconception of Christianity!

  2. Justin August 6, 2011 / 12:57 pm

    Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

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