Christian Phrases We Should Retire 1

“God-centered vs. Man-centered.”

My issue isn’t with the idea that our lives should be devoted to the love of God and following Christ.

It’s just that “God-centered” often serves as a way to simply reinforce a person’s opinion, regardless of whether God would actually agree with what they’re talking about. Labeling your theology as glorifying to God doesn’t make it so.

When someone questions the merits of eternal conscious torment in hell or the penal substitutionary atonement, maybe they’re not trying to push God aside in favor of a theology that favors their tastes of the moment (this being the “man-centered” part of the phrase.)

Maybe they’re coming from a place of genuine uncertainty following a vigorous study of Scripture.

And maybe needed you to actually hear what they’re saying instead of simply accusing them of being like people who only select teachers who preach only what the audience prefers to hear.


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