The Parable of the Good Muslim.

A man was driving down from Washington, D.C. and pulled over when he saw a stopped car with its hood open and blinkers on. He asked the driver if everything was alright, only to be ambushed by three other men who were in the shadows, waiting.

They beat him mercilessly, stripped him of his clothes, took his money, and left him for dead on the side of the interstate.

A member of Congress drove by and, seeing the man, continued on his way, not wanting to miss the vote in the Capitol.

A pastor drove by and, seeing the man, continued on her way, hoping to get home in time to finish sermon preparations.

But a Muslim, driving by and seeing the man, pulled over and put the injured man in his car. He then took the nearest exit ramp to a local motel and rented a room for the evening.

The Muslim told the manager that his mosque would pay for whatever expenses were incurred, as well as reimburse him for any extra effort he made in caring for the man.

Now, which of these do you suppose was a neighbor to the man?

Go and do likewise.


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