Jesus, the Son of Anarchy

I think that FX Networks’ Sons of Anarchy might be a good place to start for some Monday-morning theology. Here’s what I mean:

The show’s main premise is that Jax Teller, the heir of this club, discovered in the first episode an unpublished book by his late father, also a member of SAMCRO. In it, the departed Teller admits that the gang has lost its way and spells out his vision for what the club could be. From the series’ onset, Jax is torn between two fathers: the would-be reformer and his uncle, who sits as president of SAMCRO.

In this show, the son is the visible representation of the father’s dream. Jax’s father has a desire, and (presumably) the younger Teller will attempt to carry it out. There are other elements of the show that wouldn’t fit with the life of Christ (who, best to my knowledge, never operated a porn studio), but it fits quite nicely with what Christians believe:

Jesus is the visible representation of the will of God. He is the Word, sent from heaven to carry out His Father’s will.

What is His will? The rescue of all things.

Jax Teller isn’t out to destroy SAMCRO. He is a part of it and wants to save it. In the same way, Jesus becomes a part of creation to save it, not by carrying certain people off to heaven but by destroying evil and establishing justice and peace. Our world will be rescued from every kind of plague and oppression (both spiritual and physical), and we’ve been invited to either share in that salvation or reject it entirely.

Christ embodied that mission in his life, miracles, teachings, death, and resurrection. He showed love and compassion to his neighbors and dined with his enemies. As he was nailed to the cross, he begged God to forgive his murderers.

May His likeness be visible in our lives, too.


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