Theology of ‘Lost’: Enemies

I wish more of my friends watched “Lost” for a number of reasons.

For one thing, I’d feel like less of a nerd for talking about all the crazy things that happen on the show (“No, no, John Locke is dead, and the other Locke is really some guy who’s impersonating Locke. Sheesh.”).

And second and more importantly, this post would make a lot more sense to someone who’s a fan.

On last night’s episode, we learned that the alternate-world Kate drives Claire to the hospital as she’s going into labor. And her doctor turns out to be … Ethan, the Other who kidnapped her for her baby in the show’s first season.

Only Ethan’s no longer a bad guy. He doesn’t kidnap pregnant women or try to kill people in the jungle. Presumably, this was made possible when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb as part of Jack’s plan to fix things and rescue the people they’d lost.

In the alternate world, the main characters get a second chance.

And so do their enemies.

Last night, “Lost” preached the Gospel (even if this wasn’t the producers’ intention).

Second chances aren’t just for us. They’re for our enemies.

For the people we hate.

For the people we haven’t forgiven refuse to forgive.

For the people who want to see us dead.

For the people who despise us because we hold to certain political or religious beliefs.

Jesus loves our enemies. He died and rose again so they could be blessed as we are.

The kingdom of God is so inclusive that it’s uncomfortable.

It’s not a refuge from “those people.” It’s where me and “those people” come together to be united and learn how to love each other.

Because they, like me, need to be forgiven. To be accepted and loved.

And anything less than that from me is more than just my being stubborn. It’s scorning the Good News that I claim to believe.


One thought on “Theology of ‘Lost’: Enemies

  1. samantha May 6, 2010 / 8:36 am

    this is great! i’m several weeks behind on watching the show, so i’m not supposed to know who died this week … but i do, and now i’m prepared with a box of kleenex for when i DO watch it.
    thanks for continuing to make it more than a show, without being existential about it. haha.
    and let’s catch up, yes?

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