Cool stuff on today’s Interwebs.

  • Politifact reviews President Obama’s campaign pledges on Afghanistan.
  • Internet Monk explores how to preach the story of Ananias and Sapphira (in Acts 5) without obscuring the Gospel.
  • Hemant Mehta takes Rick Warren to task for not directly opposing new Ugandan legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by death. Under this proposal, anyone who is aware of someone’s homosexuality and doesn’t report it in 24 hours could be arrested for their silence.
  • When Jon Acuff at SCL turns his talent toward Serious Wednesdays, you should check it out.
  • Looking for new blogs to read? So is Anne Jackson.
  • The Post Christian blog has some interesting thoughts on enemies. Pay particular attention to the beginning of the third-to-last paragraph.

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