Another fine example of government budgeting.

The Pitt County Board of Commissioners is weighing whether to give themselves an allowance for cell phone bills.

From the Daily Reflector:

The allowance — ranging from $50 to $100 per month — is related to two previous agenda items that inquired about the possibility of obtaining BlackBerry devices and assistance in communicating with constituents.

According to the story, the possibility of a $45 allowance (for commissioners who use their existing cell phones) has also been raised.

*Sigh* In times of economic distress, it’s nice to know that our representatives are focusing on the important things, like fighting bed bugs.

First, $100 should be more than enough to cover a reasonable cell phone bill. If it’s not, you’re probably subscribing to services that you never really needed in the first place.

It’s also hard to justify paying for commissioners’ cell phone bills when the people they want to keep in contact with are the same county employees who could be furloughed or laid off because the county didn’t have enough money.


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