‘Chuck’ vs. the ratings … ‘Chuck’ wins!

At least one piece of good news on this rainy Monday morning: NBC has renewed “Chuck” for a 13-episode third season.

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that Warner Bros. made budget cuts that resulted in fewer episodes, getting rid of two writing positions, and perhaps getting rid of one of the actors (my vote would be for Tony Hale, who will always and forever be Buster Bluth in my mind).

“Chuck” is one of two NBC shows that’s not as well known as the mediocre “Heroes” (the other amazing-yet-unrecognized show: “Kings”) but, through a perfect blend of serious, fun, and cheesy, is probably the best spy comedy on the air since “Get Smart.” And its last five episodes, especially the season finale (“Oh, Chuck me.” Best. Line. Ever.), were the best ever, which means there’s plenty more fun to be had.

Cheers to having it back.

(Not-so-good news about “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” though. Link is from same source.)


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