Jim Cramer shakes the hornet’s nest (again).

The last time I saw CNBC’s Jim Cramer, he was getting kicked around by Jon Stewart in a painful yet wonderful interview on The Daily Show. (Look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen the interview.)

Now, during an interview for Time‘s “10 Questions” segment, Cramer said that Stewart’s attacks against both him and the network were misplaced, and (here’s the money quote): “One day he’ll answer for it.”

(I’m pulling this off of HuffPo‘s partial transcript. The video can be seen on Time‘s Web site.)

I’m curious about two things. How exactly would Stewart answer for his show’s series of critiques on Cramer/CNBC? And would Cramer, who was very apologetic the first time on the show, be this bold if he’s invited back to The Daily Show?

Better yet: Should Jon Stewart respond, or let this pass?


One thought on “Jim Cramer shakes the hornet’s nest (again).

  1. Microcap Speculator May 18, 2009 / 1:54 am

    Stewart should let it pass.

    A more interesting question, to me, is whether shareholders in the company Cramer co-founded should keep him on? I’m not sure he adds value anymore. Full analysis of Cramer/TSCM on my blog, but the verdict is that the company might actually be worth more if Cramer left.

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