Um, ok?

I’m as big a “Lost” geek as any of my friends, and even I didn’t know about this apparent dispute between execs Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof with Rebecca Mader, who played Charlotte on the show until her character’s brain basically fried on her because of some deadly time-leaping by the Island.

(If you’ve never seen the show, you might as well stop reading. It’s not like that last paragraph made any sense to you, anyway.)

The dispute was over who was to blame for a discrepency in the show on how old Mader’s character was. Says Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly:

“… let’s flash back to the most recent Lost podcast, during which exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse — in attempting to explain how Faraday could have seen a young Charlotte in 1974 when she wasn’t born until 1979 — alleged that Mader changed the age of her character from 28 to 37 in an earlier script “because she did not really want to brand herself as 37, which is what she would have had to been had we stuck to the initial script.”

So Mader fired back on Facebook (because how else would our generation protest something pointless and stupid [like say, the new Facebook layout]?) and Team Cuse/Lindelof acknowledged their mistake.

Not that this really matters.

With all the burning questions and freakish plotlines on that show, I could care less about Charlotte’s age. I wouldn’t have even recognized the discrepancy if I hadn’t read this article. And the “Lost” crew has done a great job with the show, so tiny mistakes like this aren’t really that big of a deal … right?

(Although I think they could lighten up on killing all the cute girls.)


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