On the ‘Party’ posts.

Dear reader (if you exist),

As we gear up for Easter, I want to write a series of posts on the resurrection titled “Party.” (Because how could we not?)

So far, the posts have focused on our future hope in Christ, such as the restored heavens and earth and our resurrected bodies. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything yet on the resurrection of those who don’t have Christ or how our future hope should shape our present lifestyle. Don’t fret. I’m not leaving anything out. Those posts are coming, too, and I hope you’ll keep coming back so we can learn and be moved to worship together.

Whether you’re in Greenville, NC (if you are, go to Harmony Church‘s Web site for details on our forthcoming Block Party), or beyond, I hope you’ll pray for these posts, because I don’t want to write anything that’s not in line with our Lord’s will. Together, let’s learn and experience the way of Christ and his Party.



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