Preach it, NYT!

Why preach on Sundays when you can have the New York Times do it for you?

In this opinion piece, Stanley Fish talks about what Christianity has to say about the economic crisis (being good stewarts of money, for example, a lesson he cites from 1 Peter 4:10) but also takes it a step further:

Instead of just talking about our debts as a nation, he writes about the Christian belief that we are all debtors to God and that our price has been paid by Jesus.

I love this quote:

… The acknowledgment of bankruptcy and of the impossibility of working our way free of it is the beginning of wisdom.

In a radio spot posted on a Christian site (Need Him Resources), a woman’s voice observes that “bankruptcy is so common these days.” Isn’t is strange, she asks rhetorically, that “the hope of rescue depends on declaring that you are bankrupt?”

But don’t stop by reading my blog; go to the Times Web site and see it for yourself.


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