Jesus and romance.

As part of our discussion on godly marriages last night, one of our questions was what can we learn from Jesus, the great Husband (the church being the Bride), about romance? Here were some thoughts:

1. He listens. When Jesus is talking to people, you don’t get the sense he’s daydreaming about being somewhere else or, when the other person is talking, thinking only about what he can say next without really paying attention. When he was in a conversation, he was in it.

2. He didn’t pretend to be something he’s not. The whole conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman happened because the Messiah was tired and needed to rest (this also leads to point #3: he never looked down on people). On the night of his arrest, Jesus doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that his heart is heavy because of what’s about to happen; instead, he asks his disciples to pray because he feels like he’s about to die. Simply put, he was honest about who he was and what he was feeling.

Really, we determined these are things that can lead to great romance. Sound off some other ideas below.


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