For Home Group last night, we talked about Paul’s final greetings in Ephesians and the guy he mentions there, Tychicus. This is the man who delivered this letter to the Ephesus church, as well as another letter to the Colossians. Because of his service, these two letters have encouraged the church for roughly 2,000 years.

The point is, we never know what impact we’ll have when we work for the glory of God, even if it’s something that seems so small. I don’t think Paul or Tychicus had any clue that 21st-century Americans would be reading their mail or find encouragement and rebuke in its words.

So don’t give up. Whatever service you’re offering to the Lord, whatever amount of love you’re showing your neighbor for the sake of Jesus, no matter how insignificant to you it may seem, don’t stop. God doesn’t forget what we do in His name and for His glory, and the impact of your good works might be far greater than you’ll ever know.


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